When you picture your family at Christmas time, you probably think of snow, cozy fires with hot chocolate, and pine trees. However, this year, our team at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort wants to encourage you to spend your holidays somewhere unexpected – like a beachfront resort! Because while a trip to the coast isn’t always what comes to mind when planning for the holidays, it can be even more magical than your typical Christmas.

Christmas at the Beach

1. Escape the Winter Woes

While the holiday season comes with lots of family fun, it also comes with unwanted stress and, in many states, unwanted weather. Instead of stressing about making the holidays perfect for everyone, escape to the beach and watch your stress melt away. What could be better than Christmas-lit palm trees and lanais, holiday parades, outdoor concerts, and other (warm) holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy?

2. Memories Make Great Gifts

As you begin to make Christmas lists for your family, first take a good hard look around your home. Do your kids really need more toys? Does your spouse need that new kitchen gadget or yard tool? Or, would a family vacation make the greatest gift of all? Your kids are much more likely to remember an awesome family vacation with beach adventures than a toy they picked out of a magazine. Maybe you can even make Christmas at the beach a new family tradition.

3. You Can Still Have a “White Christmas”

If you and your family really do like the snow, you can recreate “snow” activities with sand. Instead of making a snowman, you can hold competitions to create the best Christmas-inspired sandman. You can even add a tropical touch by making your sandman wear coconut shells on the chest and coconut tree leaves around the waist to make it look like a Hawaiian dancer.

Christmas at the beach can be just as magical as Christmas at home! Sea Gardens is a luxury oceanfront resort in Pompano Beach that features several unique accommodation options so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. To find out more about our resort or to check our availability, simply contact us today at 954-943-6200!

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