At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we know tennis. Do you?

Did you know that playing tennis for one hour burns around 600 calories? This makes tennis as effective as cycling or jogging—only tennis is much more fun, since your mind is distracted with the challenge of the game.

 Here are five other physical, mental, and emotional benefits that you get when you play tennis.

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A Coordinated Life

With tennis (and with the right opponent), you’ll constantly swing, reach, run, maneuver, and crouch. Obviously you’ll be using your entire body, and the more you play, the more you’ll develop personal coordination motor skills such as balance, hand-eye connection, footwork, speed, and flexibility—which cuts down on muscle pain.

A Happy Heart

A tennis match does wonders for your ticker. Your heart rate will increase, you’ll burn fat, and you’ll get a burst of energy. Tennis requires exercise that will lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. Tennis is also fantastic for muscle development and provides a full-body workout every match.

A Bloomin’ Brain

When you play tennis over the years, it can actually improve your brain function, including memory, behavior, and learning. This is great for children whose brains are learning to comprehend, as well as seniors who want to “stay sharp”. Tennis helps to generate new connections between nerves in the brain because it’s based on geometry and physics, and helps to develop tactical thinking.

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A Mighty Skeleton

Did you know that your bone mass peaks—or peaked—around age 30? After that, it begins to decrease. However, playing tennis regularly can slow this decrease. And if you’re still under the age of 30, you can prolong your bone mass right now by regularly playing. According to the National Institutes of Health, tennis is one of the best activities for building strong bones.

A Positive Outlook

Studies in Connecticut have linked tennis to enhanced mood, optimism, motivation, vigor, and self-esteem, while the same studies on those who play different sports (or none) tended to be more anxious, angry, and depressed.

No matter how old or young you may be, tennis is a fantastically healthy sport that keeps you in shape, even as you get older. Besides our beautiful tennis courts at Sea Gardens, we offer a fitness center, along with many other amenities you’ll love.  

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