Planning a getaway to Florida? We have the perfect spot. Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort is located in the heart of Pompano Beach, a beautiful seascape destination nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Besides the numerous amenities offered by our resort, there are even more reasons to stay with us in Pompano Beach.

Pompano Beach Resort

1. Accessibility

For starters, when you book with Sea Gardens, walking to the beach is a breeze. No need to pack up the car, sit in traffic, and hunt for a parking spot. This means more time enjoying the ocean! 

2. The Boardwalk

Lining the coastline of Pompano Beach is a beautifully landscaped boardwalk stretching for miles. Perfect for walking, cycling, rollerblading, or even cruising on a Segway, there’s nothing better than a sunset stroll on the boardwalk with the ocean mist in the air.

3. Fishing

Pompano Beach has plenty of spots to set up shop and cast a reel. From the pier to the rock outlets along the beach, fishing couldn’t be easier to access.  After all, Pompano is named after a fish commonly found in these waters. 

4. Find Some Shade

When it’s time to beat the heat, you’ll find a shady play area for children to enjoy while parents can cool off. No kids? No problem! There’s also a shaded outdoor gym area for those looking to get a workout while beating the heat.

5. Picture Perfect Shoreline

If an overpopulated beach with lots of traffic is your thing, then Pompano beach is not for you. Pompano Beach has a private feel to it which makes for a relaxing day in the sun. Enjoy the “Heart of the Gold Coast” without the clutter and crowds. 

Ready to vacation in Pompano Beach? Contact Sea Gardens at 954-943-6200 to learn more about the resort. We look forward to serving you.

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