Let’s face it, vacations don’t come around every day, and when you do take one, you want to remember it. So, other than the couple of Instagram posts you’ve shared, what are some ways you can commemorate your time spent away? At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we specialize in vacations and making memories that last, so here are three fun ways you can better remember this year’s vacation.

Interesting Ways to Remember Your Vacation

1. Hire a Photographer

Are your annual family photos starting to look a little similar? Many families get in the habit of taking family photos around the same time of year with similar backgrounds, and they start feeling a little boring. This year, instead of posing in front of a row of trees or in a field, why not take family photos on the beach? By just doing a little research ahead of time, you can find a local photographer to take family pictures that will stand out among the rest. Plus, you’ll have beautiful professional pictures to hang on your walls at home instead of the ones you snapped on your phone.

2. Make a Destination Box

We love the idea of a destination box because you don’t have to be artistic or creative to make it happen. Simply collect all the things from your trip (tickets, receipts, souvenirs, postcards) and put them in a small box you can display at home. You can decorate the box however you’d like. You don’t have to go through all the effort of a scrapbook to keep your memories safe. Simply open up the box whenever you’d like to share your vacation stories!

3. Collect Something

Finally, consider collecting something small from each location you visit over the years. The beauty of this memory-making endeavor is that you can collect virtually anything, and you’ll eventually end up with a collection of items from all around the world! Some of our favorite options are magnets, maps, mugs, shells or rocks, or even nonperishable foods.

As you plan your next vacation, don’t forget to plan how you’ll remember it! If you’re thinking of visiting the Pompano Beach or Ft. Lauderdale area anytime soon, be sure to check out Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort for your stay. We are a luxury oceanfront resort in Pompano Beach. To find out more or to check our availability, contact us today at 954-943-6200. We look forward to hearing from you!

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