Our lives are a constant race against the clock. Your to-do list is a mile long, putting rest and relaxation on the back burner. Recharging and decompressing are important items on your daily task list in order to be most efficient and effective in other areas of your life. One great way of ensuring “you time” doesn’t get reprioritized is by making a spa appointment. At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we know the value of your time which is why our wide array of resort amenities means luxury is at your fingertips.

Located in the Breezeway, our Spa De La Vie is the perfect getaway for resort guests and Fort Lauderdale residents. Featuring full-service spa treatments and a nail studio, we have the perfect recharging station.

Decompress with Massage Therapy at Spa De La VieTop 3 Spa Treatments for a Better You

1. Facial

Professional estheticians offer an expert eye to review your skin and recommend skincare treatments and products suited to your skin type. This one-hour relaxation period is customized to the client’s intentions with individualized techniques, music, and other health recommendations.

2. Massage

There are a variety of massage styles and techniques offered by a licensed massage therapist. In addition to an hour of relaxation, massages calm the central nervous system, improving blood circulation and helping rid the body of waste products. Regular massages can help you feel your best while improving your quality of life.

3. Nails

Booking a manicure and pedicure is a fast way to feel pampered and polished. If you’re new to the spa world, this is a great way to get started. Well manicured nails are a great way to make a first impression in personal and professional circles.

Stress management is a reality in our daily lives. Finding outlets and resources to properly decompress is imperative to sustaining the current pace. Spas are designed to help people relax and leave as a better version of themselves. While on the pathway to relaxation, booking a stay at our resort gives you full access to our amenities including an Italian cafe, tiki bar, watersports, fitness, and tennis center. Contact Sea Gardens to schedule an appointment at Spa De La Vie by calling (954) 943-6200.


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