At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, there’s no such thing as a bad day at the beach. Even if you’re armed only with a beach towel, you’ll have a great time on the Pompano Beach shoreline. But, if you want to take your experience to the next level, be sure to snag some of these great beach gadgets to utilize on your upcoming summer vacation to Pompano Beach!

Beach Gadgets

1. A Sand-Proof Beach Blanket

Loving the beach means also loving sand. However, that doesn’t mean you want to bring half the beach home with you in your shoes and on the floor boards of your car. Lucky for you, sand-repelling beach blankets exist. The material of these blankets is made to resist water and sand and to dry quickly, so it’s easy to shake off all that pesky sand. Many also come weighted, or with pockets to fill with sand, to keep it secure even on the windiest of beach days.

2. A Bluetooth Speaker

Being able to play your favorite tunes is an important part of any great beach day. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream your music straight from your smartphone. Additionally, you can find Bluetooth speakers that are made to resist water and survive various other elements of being outside, so you don’t have to worry about protecting a fragile system while on the beach.

3. A Folding Utility Beach Wagon

A beach wagon will quickly become one of your most essential accessories if you spend any amount of time on the beach. You can cram a crazy amount of beach gear, drinks, and snacks into these wagons. Look for wagons that come with a slot on the side to hold your beach umbrella, and large wheels that will make it easy to push across the sand.

With these great beach gadgets, your Pompano Beach Vacation is sure to be non-stop fun! If you’re thinking of visiting the Pompano Beach or Ft. Lauderdale area anytime soon, be sure to check out Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort for your stay. We are a luxury oceanfront resort in Pompano Beach. To find out more or to check our availability, contact us today at 954-943-6200. We look forward to hearing from you!

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