beach wedding venue Fort Lauderdale, FLWant to make your dream of a beachside wedding at a luxury oceanfront resort come true? Consider the following points before you make a final selection on a venue.

  1. The perfect venue

First of all, everyone can agree that a beautiful beach wedding venue with ocean views is central to a destination wedding. But a beautiful location isn’t enough. You need to know that you’ll receive top-notch service, exceptional hospitality, and have an experienced banquet team on hand for your special day.

Other considerations when choosing the perfect spot are whether you’ll need venues for the ceremony, a reception, photographs, and a rehearsal dinner. You’ll also want to take into account budget, time, and travel when making a decision.

  1. Accommodations to suit all of your guests

Your friends and family will be going to extra expense and effort to be present at your wedding, and many will turn this into their personal vacation. When selecting a resort, try to find one that has vacation rentals and resort amenities that will suit their needs. For example, at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we offer five communities with distinct ambiances from family-friendly condo rentals to romantic hideaways and everything in between. That means all of your guests can choose to spend their holiday in the setting they enjoy most.

  1. Resort amenities and local attractions

Think beyond the wedding ceremony itself for just a moment. Choosing a luxury resort with many amenities like spa services, pools, hot tubs, watersports, tennis courts, restaurants, and cafés make the wedding trip more fun for everyone. For those who want to spend some time away from the resort, being conveniently located near a safe and happening city is an added bonus. Many guests at Sea Gardens enjoy exploring the Pompano Beach area or heading into Fort Lauderdale, just minutes away.

To turn your fairy-tale wedding into reality in our tropical paradise, contact Sea Gardens at (954) 943-6200. Our friendly staff will be happy to go over the details of our beach wedding venue with you and take the time to answer all of your questions. The white sands of Pompano Beach are waiting for you.

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