Why do beach resorts like Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort make such incredible and memorable destination weddings? We’ll tell you!

The Beach Sets the Mood for Romance.

There’s nothing better than the beach to create a romantic atmosphere. The “away from it all” environment coupled with the beauty of the beach make magic. Breezy nights and comfy days will put everyone in the mood for love.

The Celebrations Begin Early & Keep Going.

From the moment you and your guests arrive at a beach resort, it will feel like a vacation. The gorgeous setting and surrounding food, drinks, and relaxation create a non-stop party atmosphere that makes a great lead-up to the big event.

Your Wedding Portraits Can Have the Ultimate Backdrop.

Some venues—like ours at Sea Gardens—offer an indoor option for wedding portraits, but of course at a beachside wedding resort, who can resist getting some wedding portraits by the water? It’s a hard backdrop to beat!


It’s a Wedding and Honeymoon in One.

Come for the wedding, stay for the honeymoon! When you choose to get married at a resort, you’re already comfortable in the beautiful place where you are, and there are so many activities and fun things to do that you’re already familiar with.

Your Guests Will Love It.

Your guests will completely feel like they’re on their honeymoon, too. Resorts offer lots of luxurious activities that they will be able to partake in. For instance, Sea Gardens Beach Resort provides massages, watersports, a restaurant, a tiki bar, tennis, a fitness center, and more.   


Sea Gardens is a luxury oceanfront resort in Pompano Beach that offers wedding and event venues. To find out more about what we have for you or to check our availability, contact us today at 954-943-6200!


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