Finding the right type of vacation for your family can be daunting in a world full of options. Should you camp? Book an Airbnb? Find a hotel close to a few fun activities? Our Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort team has your answer: a resort vacation. A resort vacation is the clear choice for many reasons, but here are just a few of our favorites that keep vacationers returning each year.

3 Reasons Why Resort Vacations Are Superior

1. Beach Access

Our rental options, which are conveniently close to lovely Pompano Beach, make it simple to spend the day admiring the shoreline. You shouldn’t have to stress about parking, navigating traffic, or packing the car while on vacation. Instead, make a reservation with us, go outside your door, and relax on the beach all day.

2. Amenity Access

You can benefit from a range of on-site amenities and our beautiful beach lifestyle at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort. Take a soak in one of our hot tubs or book a treatment at the Spa De La Vie for those who want to unwind and relax. Or you can visit the Oasis 615 Tiki Bar for a cool frozen beverage. Take a few swings in our tennis center or ride the waves on a jet ski rented from American Watersports to get more active.

3. Entertainment Access

Ft. Lauderdale is only a short drive from Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort in the center of Pompano Beach. The local dining and entertainment options along Florida’s coast are all nearby. You can always find something to do because of the abundance of entertainment options, and plenty of places are accessible by walking or driving.

Once you’ve experienced a resort vacation at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, you’ll never want to book a typical vacation again! Contact us at (954) 943-6200 for any booking questions. We look forward to serving you!

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