At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we know that yearly family vacations are not possible for everyone, and for many, a beach vacation is a dream come true. That’s why we offer vacation rental options to fit a wide variety of budgets and needs, so we can make traveling to Florida as affordable and convenient as possible. Today, we’re sharing the top money-saving tips we’ve learned for traveling to Florida.

How to Save Money on a Family Beach Vacation

1. Choose a Resort

Renting from a resort with a variety of suites is more practical for families, and can help the budget-conscious as well. Rather than trying to cram your whole family into a tiny hotel room or reserving several rooms, you can get a suite that offers plenty of space, comfort, and convenience for your group. Plus, a resort comes with a variety of amenities included in your rate, so you’ll have plenty of ways to keep the kids busy!

2. Dine In

Because many of our suites are apartment-style with kitchens included, plan to dine in as much as possible to save money on meals. Florida is home to some of the freshest and most flavorful produce and fish in the world, so hit up a local farmers market and feed your family delicious meals for a fraction of the cost of eating in a restaurant.

3. Find Free (or Cheap) Activities

The beach is the primary reason most visitors come to Florida- and it’s free! Do some research to find other free or low-cost activities your family will enjoy. Exploring State Parks, trying out a new sport, and checking out the famed Las Olas Boulevard are some of our favorite low-cost adventures.

4. Look for Special Deals

Though there are tons of activities to enjoy in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale, we recommend selecting only a few to maximize your time and budget. Families and groups are often eligible for package deals. And don’t forget to look for special deals when booking with your resort or renting a car.

Traveling can be affordable and convenient for families when you visit Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort. To get started on your Pompano Beach adventure, contact us at 954-943-6200. We look forward to serving you.

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