If you’re a new parent, you may feel like you’ll never have a relaxing vacation again. Where once there was a stack of books and hours lounging on the beach or poolside, there is now a group of children who require constant sunscreen, snacks, and entertainment. However, just because your vacations look a little different these days, doesn’t mean they can’t also be wonderful. At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we encourage you to make peace with your new kind of vacation this season. You just might find your body sore from muscles you forgot you had and your heart brimming with new memories you’ll cherish forever.

A New Kind of Vacation

Enjoy the Sand

While it’s true you may not be able to lay in the sun for hours on end, there is still plenty to do on the beach. Take time to connect with your kids over a sand castle building contest, play beach volleyball or throw around a football, or take a long walk while hunting for seashells. Your reading list might not shrink during this trip, but your kids will appreciate the time spent with them, and you’ll still get a great tan!

Try Something New

Before you had kids, you may have spent your beach vacations jumping the waves on a wave runner or trying your hand at paddleboarding. While these activities may look different with kids, there are still some kid-friendly options to try out! Check your hotel’s amenities and rental options and find something child-friendly to try. Consider trying a new sport, like tennis, or rent a jet ski and go for a ride! Whatever you choose, getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to make lasting memories with your family.

Live in Luxury

Finally, when you think of vacationing with kids, you may be picturing the whole family squished into a small hotel room where no one is able to sleep comfortably. This is certainly not the case at Sea Gardens. We have luxury accommodations and amenities featuring five different communities with unique ambiances and floor plans to meet your needs. Each community has a different theme ranging from relaxation to exploration to suit your vacation preferences. With one- and two-bedroom suites or timeshare rentals and timeshare sales, you’ll find multiple options to fit your family size so everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t let the memories of your child-free days stop you from experiencing great family vacations. Contact Sea Gardens at (954) 943-6200 to reserve your next vacation in Pompano Beach.

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