Here we are at the beginning of 2017. The excitement of the holidays has faded, and now it’s time to look ahead. Do you have a Spring Break coming up? Start the year off right, and plan a vacation! Worried that it might be too late to find somewhere to stay? It’s not! We still have plenty of availability here at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort 
in Pompano Beach, Florida. If you’re undecided, let us answer some questions you may have.

Will it be warm?Spring Break Beach Vacation

Springtime is a great time to visit the Atlantic side of Florida. It has moderate temperatures, so you can enjoy more beach time without feeling like you might be turning into a lobster. April also has consistently low rainfall rates, so you can almost guarantee yourself a week of bright, sunny days to enjoy.

Will it be crowded?

Some people are wary of visiting the Florida coast during Spring Break season. They are worried about crowds on the beach and busy restaurants due to the scheduled break time from schools. However, so many school districts throughout the states are going to balanced calendars or “year round” schooling. This allows the breaks to be more spread out through the months of March and April instead of so congested into a couple weeks like it used to be.

Will a last minute trip cost more?

No, not necessarily. Sometimes you can even get a better deal closer to your travel versus booking ahead. Some of our owners have last-minute openings or decide to change the dates of their own trips and open their condo up for rent. Airlines also have last minute deals depending on how full they are and where you are traveling from. 

Still need more convincing?

Here are more reasons to plan a trip. Visiting us at Sea Gardens could be the best vacation of your life! Now that you’re sure, contact us today at 954-943-6200.

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