When planning a beach vacation, many Americans choose to make it into a road trip rather than pay the exorbitant cost of flying. This is especially true for families with several kids, as those plane tickets add up fast! However, road trips come with their own set of costs and complications. You might love the time on the road, but your kids may require a little extra entertainment. The last thing you want is to arrive at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort with a car full of bad-tempered children. That’s why our team has put together our favorite road trip tips so you can save money and the fun can begin as soon as you hit the road.

Road Trip Tips

1. Plan Entertainment for Your Kids

Most children these days have electronic devices to keep them busy. But if your kids don’t, it can be costly to purchase them just for entertainment in the car. Here are a few non-electronic entertainment ideas:

  • Play the License Plate Game – Print off this checklist of license plates from all across the United States. Have your children keep an eye out for these and cross them off as they see them.
  • Color – Bring coloring supplies such as colored pencils, coloring books, and blank paper.
  • Audio Books – Try listening to an audio book together.
  • Play “I Spy” – Create a list of things to spot during your trip.

2. Pack Plenty of Food

Food is one of the biggest expenses of traveling on the road. Let’s face it: even fast-food places aren’t always cheap. The simple solution is to get a large cooler and visit the grocery store before leaving. Buy a large amount of ham sandwich fixings, as well as yogurts, apples, and chips. Instead of swinging by McDonald’s®, find a rest stop and have a picnic. You’ll save money, eat healthy, and get to enjoy the peaceful outdoors.

3. Pick a Great Destination

The best way to ensure a successful family road trip is to have a great destination at the end of it. Sea Gardens is a one-stop vacation destination. With the wide variety of amenities available to each of our communities, this resort has something for everyone. Check out our pools, hot tubs, shuffleboard courts, tennis courts, spa, café, fitness center, and tiki bar. With Pompano Beach just minutes away, water sports and underwater excursions are just around the corner. Contact us to make your vacation reservation today by calling (954) 943-6200.

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