Beautiful beaches, great food and drinks, and year-round sunshine are just a few of the reasons visitors flock to Florida each year. If you enjoy finding unique souvenirs to collect for yourself or bring back as gifts for friends and family, then Pompano Beach is the right place to look. Today on the blog, your friends at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort are sharing with you some of our favorite souvenirs to look for so you can remember your vacation for years to come.

Unique Souvenirs to Collect in Pompano Beach

Local Liquor

We think a fun way to remember your beach vacation is to return home with one or two bottles of local liquor. Pompano Beach has plenty of local breweries and distilleries you can visit and purchase a few bottles. At The Shady Distillery in nearby Fort Lauderdale, you can book a tour to hear their story, tour the distillery, and learn the basics of distilling craft vodka and rum. Afterwards, the experience continues at their neighbors’, Sistrunk Marketplace, with tasting of two signature Shady cocktails accompanied with a special lite bite board. After a great night out, you’ll leave with a couple bottles to remember the experience and share with friends back home!

Local Jewelry

Since jewelry is one of those goods that can be purchased at different price points, it is a nice souvenir option. You could either spend a lot of money on something extremely valuable or look around for the perfect piece of locally-crafted jewelry. Sea glass and other semi-precious stones are used in the design of several local jewelry pieces. The nicest thing about this option is that you can get your item personalized to fit you or whoever you’re buying it for.

Local Art and Handcrafts

Finally, we love the idea of visiting a local farmers market or craft fair and supporting the local artists by buying their art or crafts. You might find products like woven baskets and hats, local paintings, sculptures, blown glass, Christmas ornaments, pottery, handmade dolls, and more. Any of these things would be excellent keepsakes to bring home. Consider purchasing a few original watercolors and paintings made by local artists for something a little more colorful. Every aspect of life in Florida, including the stunning beaches, captivating scenery, and friendly people, have inspired artists to create their works.

We hope you find a great way to remember your trip to Florida this year. If you’re thinking of visiting the Pompano Beach or Ft. Lauderdale area anytime soon, be sure to check out Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort for your stay. We are a luxury oceanfront resort in Pompano Beach. To find out more or to check our availability, contact us today at (954) 943-6200. We look forward to hearing from you!

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