After months of freezing cold weather and snow, northerners are looking forward to their Spring Break trips. But with so many destinations available, you may be wondering what is so great about Florida? At Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we know what travelers look for in a great Spring Break trip and we’re here to tell you that Florida has it all! Read on to learn why you should plan a Florida vacation for Spring Break.

Florida Spring Break

Great Weather

One of the top reasons families plan Spring Break trips is to get a break from the cold weather in their home state and soak up some vitamin D. However, not every coastal state is warm enough in the spring to truly enjoy the sun and the beach. Sea Gardens is located in Pompano Beach, which is far enough south to enjoy warm weather all year round! So even if your Spring Break is earlier than others, you can still expect warm, sunny weather that is perfect for soaking up the sun on the beach.

Family Friendly

Because most people plan their spring vacations around their kids’ school schedules, they tend to look for family-friendly options. Pompano Beach not only offers breathtaking views, sandy beaches, and mild temperatures year-round, it also has a number of family-friendly activities your kids will love. Check out Butterfly World and watch thousands of free-flying butterflies play and dance, go fishing from the Pompano Beach Pier, or visit the Splash Adventure Water Park, an interactive children’s water playground designed for ages 12 and under.

Affordable and Accessible

Finally, Florida is a great option for Spring Breakers who are looking for a great vacation without breaking the bank. Depending on where your home state is, you may be able to drive to Florida and save money on flights, plus you’ll get the added benefit of family fun on the drive. Additionally, because Sea Gardens offers five different communities, you’re sure to find a rental that will fit your budget.

Start planning your Florida Spring Break vacation today by contacting the vacation experts at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort. Our beachside resort is the perfect place to enjoy the white sands of Pompano Beach. Call (954) 943-6200 to learn more about this tropical paradise!

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