Are you looking for an idyllic wedding venue complete with the natural beauty of the fragrant ocean, sandy beaches, and perfect weather? Look no further than Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort in Pompano Beach for a picture-perfect wedding and amenities that only paradise can offer! Featuring unlimited potential with a beautiful reception hall and beachside wedding venue, your special day is customizable to fulfill your dream wedding wish list. However, one major detail that is different from a traditional wedding venue is what the bride and groom should wear. That’s why our team has put together a quick guide so you can look smart and stay cool on your wedding day.

What to Wear at Your Beach Wedding

Keep It Casual

For beach wedding brides, the goal is to be casual, but not too casual. It’s the perfect time to experiment with non-traditional gown options. We suggest that you skip the bulky princess dress and choose something equally as dazzling but less cumbersome. Also, backless or strappy back dresses are perfect for beach weddings so you can look amazing and still keep cool. A beach wedding gives you room to be more daring with your look, so be sure to take full advantage!

For the groom, we recommend lightweight cotton pants, or even a linen suit in a light color, like sand or wheat. Be sure to factor in the heat so your groom isn’t sweating it out on the big day.

Shoes Optional

We all know that heels and sand do not mix so, instead of fighting that battle, explore other options such as customized beach wedding sandals or gorgeous bedazzled sandals you can order online. Or, if you want the extra height, try wedges. If a barefoot wedding is your thing, keep in mind that sand heats up significantly at high temperatures. To avoid having to hop over hot sand as you make your way down the aisle, make sure your aisle runner is placed correctly and is thick enough to keep you comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Extra tip: Consider including a shoe station, where guests can swap their shoes for flip flops.

Practical Hairdos

Updos are perfect and super flattering, especially when you’re on a hot, sticky beach. Hopefully, you’ve set your wedding at a cooler time of day (early morning, or close to sunset) but, even if you do not have that option, wearing your hair up will help maintain your hairstyle longer.

Getting Started

At Sea Gardens, we want every detail of your big day to be perfect. We have a variety of accommodations spread across 5 resort communities, plus fitness, tennis, spas, pools, and a tiki bar on site. You can expect luxury amenities and amazing customer service every step of the way! Let’s start planning the wedding of your dreams by contacting our event experts today at (954) 943-6200.

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