Typically, when people think of a Florida vacation, they think about spring break. And it’s true that people flock to Florida in droves every spring. However, at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort, we urge you to consider that fall break might just be the superior time to visit Florida. Read on for our three favorite reasons to visit Florida in the fall.

Spend Fall Break in Florida

1. Fewer Crowds

As we mentioned, Florida is extremely popular in the spring. And while Florida is a popular vacation spot all year long, things do start to slow down a little once summer is over. This means you can enjoy fewer lines at your favorite shops, shorter wait times at your favorite restaurants, and maybe even fit in an excursion or two. At Sea Gardens, our resort is relaxing all year round, but in the fall, you can enjoy some peace and quiet around town too!

2. Beautiful Weather

Another great advantage of traveling to Florida in the fall is the beautiful weather. The average temperatures are warm and comfortable, and the water is still warm enough from the summer months to swim in. Often, spring breakers find the water too chilly in March or April, however, in October, it is just right. The weather is also perfect for other outdoor activities such as tennis, golfing, dolphin tours, or even jet skiing!

3. Great Fishing Opportunities

Finally, fall break is the best time to fish in Florida. Avid fishermen love to visit us in the fall for the opportunity to catch triggerfish, mackerel, grouper, and numerous snapper species. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to catch these types of fish while also enjoying the less intense fall sun. There may even be fishing competitions in the area for you to join.

Don’t wait until the spring to plan a trip to Florida! Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort is a luxury oceanfront resort located in Pompano Beach, FL, and we have the perfect vacation rental option for you and your family. Contact us today at (954) 943-6200 to find out more about our resort, or check our availability online.

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