For some couples, planning a trip becomes a purely practical experience and romance takes a backseat. Between creating an itinerary, navigating an unfamiliar place, and sticking to a budget, it can be hard to remember to be romantic with your partner. However, despite the stress of traveling, finding romance on your vacation doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team at Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort knows that you don’t have to go crazy in order to spice up your love life. Follow these simple tips for a unique and romantic trip you will never forget.

Romantic Beach Vacation

1. Avoid Crowds

Some of the world’s most famous romantic places aren’t really as romantic as they seem in movies. Nothing takes the romance out of sightseeing like long lines and crowded elevators. Instead of planning to visit common tourist destinations, do you research and seek out lesser known museums and attractions, or plan to go during the off season. Every city has unique and worthwhile things to see beyond the world-famous sites, and your partner will appreciate the opportunity to explore new attractions without the crowds.

2. Keep Your Plans a Secret

An unexpected getaway for two is about as romantic as it gets. You can keep your destination a secret until you get to the airport, or whisk your partner away for a last-minute weekend getaway. Or, if you’re seeking a surprise that requires a little less planning, try planning a secret excursion or restaurant outing while you’re already on vacation. As you and your loved one are planning your trip together, keep your ears open for activities your partner likes but feels are a little too expensive or don’t quite fit into the itinerary. Then find a way to make it happen!

3. Try Something New

Experiencing new activities is a fun way to spend active quality time with your partner. A sunset jet ski rental is the perfect way to connect with your sweetheart after a long day of sightseeing or sitting beachside. Conquer the waves together with the beautiful oranges, reds, and pinks of the setting sun providing a picturesque backdrop for your romantic adventure.

To start planning your romantic getaway, contact Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort in Pompano Beach, FL, at 954-943-6200. Our resort features five communities with distinct ambiances, ­all in one resort – and just steps from one of the best beaches in the US!

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